Our Process


Here's how our process works...

Before the cleaning process begins, each bin is checked for any remaining debris. If found, we reserve the right not to provide the trash can cleaning service if there is:

  • Unbagged trash – including excessive loose garbage, yard clippings, diapers or animal waste
  • Hazardous waste – including chemicals, paint, glue or other adhesives
  • Building materials – including plaster, stucco or concrete

After the initial inspection, your bin/container is taken to the rear of our curbside cleaning unit to begin the process. The process begins with a hydraulic lifting mechanism lifting the container in position to begin our specially designed pressure washing system. Our pressure head rotates at high speed in all directions and effectively removes all and any stuck to the inner walls of your bin/container. Our system utilizes a specially formulated hypoallergenic green cleaning solution which effectively kills approximately 99% of common bacteria from the surface of your container.

Our system is 100% environmentally friendly and the fully self-contained cleaning unit will high-pressure clean, disinfect, and deodorize your trash and recycle bins right outside your premises. Additionally, all wastewater is collected and disposed of safely at a locally approved treatment facility, so there's no harm to the environment or local drainage channels. After the cleaning process, the hydraulic lift returns the container to the curbside where our technician will sanitize the inside and outside of your bin(s) to ensure they are fresh, clean and ready to return to your property. Finally, we place an easily removable tag on the handle (no adhesives are used) to confirm that the container has been processed.

Regularly scheduled service ensures your bins will maintain a respectable level of hygiene. Our cleaning services are far more effective than that of manually cleaning your own trash bin with a hose and broom!

The hypoallergenic green certified solution has a natural pleasant scent and does not employ chemical fragrances.